Scientist Kolmanovsky goes to Israel to tell “About the bad”

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 Scientist Kolmanovsky goes to Israel to tell "About the bad" < /p>

…Candies – it's not food, | You won't get fed up with them. | Who eats too much sweets, | He walks without teeth. | And their hands are sticky, | And no appetite, |
So don't eat sweets, | Give them back to me…

Grigory Oster “Bad advice”

According to the classics of the genre, after reading this verse from Grigory Oster’s book “Bad Advice – inoculations against stupidity, people “not initiated” angry comments should be sprinkled, they say, “yes, how is it possible,” “what are you teaching,” “yes, this is cruel,” “what does it mean to walk without teeth?” – this is inhumane and rude – what are you teaching your children!” etc., etc.

Of course, friends, you are right, there are other methods, and everyone knows them! And therefore we will not talk about them – let's just ask you to answer the question for yourself: do humane methods of education have a 100% effect? The second argument why today – not “about the humane”: the upbringing of small children, the upbringing of adult children, and what is there, the upbringing of very adult children, involves an individual approach, BUT taking into account general rules. Well, and the third, perhaps most important: everything forbidden (read harmful) – it is a “sweet fruit” that you always want to eat.

 Scientist Kolmanovsky goes to Israel to tell

So, we arm ourselves with this fact and use it for peaceful and good purposes through testing the method of education through prohibition. BUT! You have to do it right – “with sense, feeling, arrangement” own knowledge. If they are not enough, fortunately there are people who can teach it professionally.

For example, Grigory Oster, quoted above, whose book is intended just for naughty children, their parents and teachers. Obedient children are allowed to read no more than three harmful pieces of advice a day. At the same time, it is recommended to tie an obedient child to a chair just in case. Ropes. Otherwise, an obedient child, having heard enough bad advice, will take and do everything that is described in this terrible book, – these are the recommendations given by Grigory Oster, describing the content of his book “Bad Advice – inoculation against stupidity.

There is another interesting person, a scientist who can tell a lot and professionally “About the bad” for children and adults – This is Ilya KOLMANOVSKY. And to make it easier to perceive information, he visualizes his recommendations. A whole Scientific and experimental show for children (7+) and their parents is dedicated to this, which will be held in Israel, to which Ilya invites, and which both children and their parents should definitely visit!

Alas, the opportunity to get on the Science Show for Children “About the Bad” Ilya Kolmanovsky is limited by – it will take place in Israel for only three days – December 21, 22, 23 – and in different cities, namely:

December 21, 18:00 – Rappaport Hall (Haifa, Hanasi Avenue, 13��
December 22, 18:00 – Dune Hall (Ashdod)
December 23, 15:00 – Zucker Hall (Gekhal A-Tarbut, Tel- Aviv)

Who is Ilya Kolmanovsky. We tell: this is a scientist, author of popular science books, host of the podcast “Naked digger”, a traveler who, in his show-lecture “Direct Speech” not only lectures on biology, but also holds exciting science shows for children (by the way, adults watch them with no less pleasure).

 Scientist Kolmanovsky goes to Israel to tell

What kind of show is a scientist bringing to Israel. Believe me, it will be an incredible show that will leave an indelible impression on both children and parents, because they will
be not just in the hall – from the first seconds they will enter the interactive laboratory of the biologist and author of entertaining books about science Ilya Kolmanovsky!

About the “forbidden fruit”. Feature of the show – viewers become its direct participants, who will be allowed everything and even more! The whole theory will be
supported by practice, the experiments will be carried out by the audience and right on the stage. We are ahead of the questions: you should not worry, worry too – all experiments are safe and children like it very much.

And most importantly – this is the after-show effect: children's attitudes towards “forbidden fruits” changes drastically and guaranteed! Indeed, at his scientific show, Ilya Kolmanovsky will clearly demonstrate and scientifically (!) Prove:

• HOW junk food and bad habits affect the brain, and therefore the whole body;
x WHAT happens in a person's head if you drink a glass of sweet soda a day:
• WHAT is the “secret of the hamburger”, namely – can this food, beloved by both children and adults, be taken hostage, and even in three ways at once;
• CAN a person survive if he eats only fast food for a whole month.

But that's not all! We can bet that you have never thought about the fact that the juice from the package looks more attractive than an ordinary apple, because the hand reaches first for it, and only then for the fruit. It turns out that it is! Why and how can this be – Ilya Kolmanovsky will also tell, show and prove during his scientific show.

Friends, we have not listed all the surprises from the program of the show! Therefore, we want to appeal to parents, grandparents: take your time, take your children and come to the show! Ilya Kolmanovsky guarantees: after that you will look at the upbringing of children in a completely different way, you will even better learn to be on the same wavelength with your children, and your children will learn to live at their level so that all sorts of harmful things no longer manipulate their minds!
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 Scientist Kolmanovsky goes to Israel to tell "About the Bad"

We assure you, this is not manipulation, not bait. Those who went through the “Kolmanovsky School” will confirm: Ilya – a professional in his field. He is also a publicist and researcher; he took a course in polymer taxidermy from the British scientist Emily Meyer, and now, based on his experience, he is developing interactive museum manuals in collaboration with roboticists, designers and engineers.

As part of the author's projects, Ilya Kolmanovsky gives advice to parents on how to find a common language with the child and interest the child. For example, a scientist recommends purchasing a microscope, reading the book “Microbe Hunters” together; Paul de Kruy, explore the depths of the Internet using gadgets, attend lectures and excursions.

Ilya maintains his YouTube channel and visits different cities with children's science shows. As a publicist, he constantly collaborates with leading print and online publications, often gives interviews, participates in various shows, thanks to which it is possible to get to know and understand even better who Ilya Kolmanovsky is.

Don't be lazy – get to know the scientist, get ready for his experimental show, where you can “taste the forbidden fruit”, and you will only get a plus for this and gain experience in non-standard parenting (and, therefore, yourself – raising children, we are educated ourselves).

Recall, Scientific and experimental show for children (7+) and their parents “About the bad” Ilya Kolmanovsky will be held:

December 21, 18:00 – Rappaport Hall (Haifa, Hanasi Avenue, 13��
December 22, 18:00 – Dune Hall (Ashdod)
December 23, 15:00 – Zucker Hall (Gekhal A-Tarbut, Tel- Aviv)

Ilya is looking forward to meeting you and your children, and guarantees: it will be something!

Order tickets for the children's-adult show:
https: //

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