Scientist has solved the mystery of the Egyptian statues: “couldn’t breathe”

Ученый раскрыл тайну египетских статуй: «не давали дышать»

Egyptologist solved the mystery of the Egyptian statues, over which fought for decades scientists

The discovery belongs to the American expert Edward Bleiberg, which oversees the Egyptian exhibition in the German capital.

The exhibition features many statues from Ancient Egypt and they all have broken noses. Bleiberg interested in this feature, especially since visitors often ask what it means.

Ученый раскрыл тайну египетских статуй: «не давали дышать»

Specialist considered, as, indeed, suggested to him and other experts that the noses fell off from antiquity. However, he noticed a curious feature – noses no characters depicted on the plates. Moreover, the analysis showed that the noses they are broken on purpose.

Says Bleiberg, it was the work of tomb raiders. They broke the noses specifically to them not revenge spirits of the dead, which they robbed. “Black archaeologists” believed that by breaking the nose of the statue will not be able to “breathe”, it will deprive them of the magic power of the afterlife, and the plunderers are protected from their retaliation.

As previously reported, in Egypt, scientists have discovered a new tomb of Pharaonic Egypt. However, Egyptologists do not see what you expect.

Archaeologists in the country of pyramids found seven tombs of Pharaonic Egypt, where he kept dozens of mummified cats, as well as wooden figurines of cats and other animals and birds. The researchers also found mummified scarabs. This is the first such discovery among the ruins of the ancient necropolis of Saqqara, near Cairo.

Among the figurines found in ancient graves, most depicts cats, for the Egyptians considered these animals sacred. Other statuetki depicts a lion, the cow and the Falcon.

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Ученый раскрыл тайну египетских статуй: «не давали дышать»

We also reported that in Egypt during the road work, clean up groundwater temple of Kom Ombo in Aswan, the workers came upon the statue, identical to that for several thousand years, adorns the valley of the pyramids in Giza.

We are talking about the famous Sphinx. The discovery was made of Sandstone, has a width at base 28 cm and can relate to the era of Ptolemies (331 BC – 31 BC).

We will remind, in Egypt opened a “cursed” black sarcophagus, seen amazed archaeologists: photos from the excavation site.

As he wrote Politeka, archaeologists discovered priceless treasures in the cellar: a thousand years of history.

Also Politeka wrote, archaeologists in Egypt discovered the fortress, which is 2300 years.

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