Schwarzenegger donated $ 250,000 to veterans

Schwarzenegger donated $ 250,000 to veterans

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a donation to the non-profit organization Village for Vets. On Christmas Eve, Schwarzenegger donated $ 250,000 to buy mini-houses for homeless veterans, Fox reports.

Previously, these people lived in large tents on the street. Now they each have a plastic house that is harder to heat than a tent. The gift was strange in its expediency, but the plot about it was filmed in the best tradition of bureaucracy – it was promoted as if Arnie had bought a bungalow for every soldier.

However, they found a delegate from the “ veteran street '' who expresses his gratitude to Schwarzenegger, as a savior. The plot ends with the demolition of tents. Finally, the city sighed.

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