Schools in Netanya to cancel classes in protest of transport reform

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 Schools in Netanya to cancel classes in protest against transport reform< /p>

Tomorrow, September 7, schools in Netanya will cancel classes in protest against the reform carried out by the Ministry of Transport. “The Ministry of Transportation has carried out a reform that has not been adapted to the needs of the city's residents, especially during rush hour,” — said in a document sent to the Ministry of Transport. Schools in Netanya complain that as a result of the reform, many students cannot get to school and back. “Due to the intolerable situation the children are in, we ask for your immediate intervention,” the statement said. Recall that on the night of August 1, the reform of public transport payment “Equality Road”, advertised by the Ministry of Transport, came into force. Passengers in different parts of Israel complained about large-scale failures in the system.

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