Schoolgirl who sold her virginity for counterfeit dollars called the police

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 Schoolgirl who sold her virginity for counterfeit dollars went to the police

A girl from Moscow decided to sell her virginity to a guy at a party. He gave her 300 counterfeit dollars and now he could be imprisoned, the Baza channel reports.

In October, ninth grader Lena (not her real name) met a guy on the subway. After a short communication on social networks, he invited the girl to an unusual party outside the city, to barbecue. The unusual thing was that in addition to Lena there were 10 guys. The girl was not afraid of such company and agreed to come.

At the height of the party, Lena told her new acquaintance that she wanted to sell her virginity. They decided to complete the deal on the same evening, on the spot, for only 5 thousand rubles. True, then the guy offered the best amount — $300 — and gave them to Lena, and took the rubles back. After the first sale, the girl decided on the second — at the same party, another guy offered her $200 for sex. She agreed.

The next day, Lena went to the bank to exchange currency, but the dollars turned out to be counterfeit. The angry girl called her boyfriend, he replied that he allegedly did not know about the fake, and promised to atone for 25 thousand rubles. This time, Lena was no longer interested in money — she decided to go to the police

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