Schoolgirl was the victim of a guy in Odessa region: “tracked down at the station” video

Школьница стала жертвой парня в Одесской области: "выследил на вокзале", видео

The young robber, threatening with a knife took his mobile phone from underage girls

It is reported GUNP in Odessa region.

The incident occurred near the railway station in the city of Podolsk.

The guy, who just turned 18 years of concealing a person stopped on the street 15-year-old girl and threatening with a knife took his mobile phone, and then fled.

The victim turned to the police. The suspect was caught during the day.

“He was an inhabitant of the Nikolaev region of Odessa region, who came to visit a relative. The guy admitted that the victim was chosen at the railway station among the girls who were unaccompanied. And the attack was made, when the girl was on an unlit section of the street”, — told the police.

Школьница стала жертвой парня в Одесской области: "выследил на вокзале", видео


Physical evidence the guy withdrew, he is under house arrest.

Школьница стала жертвой парня в Одесской области: "выследил на вокзале", видео

A new trouble came to Magnitogorsk, the panic begins: “a sunset”, photo
In the world

On this fact initiated criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 187 (robbery) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported, at a party in Odessa from a wardrobe stole 30 coats.

On the night of 13 January on one of the Odessa party of dozens of people stole fur coats and jackets. About this incident said one of the victims Nastassja kupreeva in social networks.

Mass theft happened at the party with “unlimited” alcohol in the hotel “Merlin”. Police officers showed a complete inaction, and the school refused to provide video surveillance.

According to the girl, the organizer of the party was Maxim Vegas: “We came around 2:00 o’clock in the morning. I and my friend handed over all the stuff in the closet, our coats picked up in person attendant, hung on hooks and gave us the number plates. By 4:00 am it was already January 13 — turned on the light and all is over.”

After the party Nastasya climbed to the wardrobe, and everything was running and screaming in panic. She believes that the theft occurred from 3:00 to 4:00 .

Школьница стала жертвой парня в Одесской области: "выследил на вокзале", видео

“Took about 30 coats and jackets. It is not clear where the guards were, as cloakroom attendants. The girl who worked there as a waitress, told us to run outside and look for coats there,” said the victim.

She also added that the police were coming for an hour and did not respond to the challenges of the victims: “in an hour the police arrived and said that can’t do anything. In addition, they did not give the forms for the application. In turn, the staff we were driven out and not allowed to write statements. Access cameras they give and all the “frost”. Everyone left by 8:00 am. Police are now silent.”

We will remind, near Odessa raged gang.

As reported Politeka, in Odessa region there was a loud robbery of the office.

Also Politeka wrote, thugs brutally beat and robbed a family of a famous Ukrainian.

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