Schoolchildren received an award for volunteering and contributing to society

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 Schoolchildren received an award for volunteering and contributing to society

At the solemn ceremony held today (Wednesday) at the Reali School in Haifa, Director of Non-Formal Education at the Ministry of Education, Mr. Hagai Gross, presented the award of the Minister of Education to them. the late Elad Riben to ten outstanding schoolchildren for their volunteer work and contributions to society. 10 girls and boys were selected from approximately 350,000 students participating in the “personal development and social engagement” program.

Elad Riben, who died during the fire on Carmel, considered the mission of his life to help others. After his death, the Ministry of Education developed the Personal Development and Social Engagement program and established an award for outstanding volunteers. The Elad Legacy Volunteering Award Ceremony has been hosted by the Ministry every year since 2012.

Minister of Education, Yoav Kish: “In the program” personal development and social activity “; Hundreds of thousands of students participate every year. In my opinion, there is no doubt that the Israeli youth is worthy of praise. In my opinion, this is one of the most important activities of the education system, because by helping others, we form the face of Israeli society and strengthen the unity of the people.

Director General of the Ministry of Education Asaf Tsalal: “Volunteering has always been one of the most striking features of Israeli society. Thanks to the spirit of volunteerism, the State of Israel was created, and thanks to the desire to help others, we are witnesses to the power of our society. Among hundreds of thousands of young volunteers, we decided to single you out. On behalf of the entire education system, I am proud of you and thank you for being an inspiration to young people and for your contribution to Israeli society.

Names of the 10 winners:
Lin Abu Hamda, a student of the Darka School of Science and Leadership, Yarka
Rim Nasser, a student of the Albatof Comprehensive School, Arabe
Shlomit Mandelovich, a student of the Zvia Religious School, Maalot
Ella Shapira, a student Ort Gutman Secondary School, Netanya
Martin Albachau, student of Ish Shalom School, Kfar Yona
Eliran Vaknin, student of Makif Secondary School, Merhavim
Tabarak Elqaid, a student of the Makif Elnur school, Khura
Doron Parger, a student of the Rogozin school, Kiryat Ata
Omer Kras, a student in the youth village “Manof”
Galya Persuf, a student of the religious school ” ;Bnei Akiva", Neriah

Photo: Tzipi Wilmowski, Laam

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