Scenario of the perfect March 8: a hint for men

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 Perfect March 8 script: a hint for men

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The question “What does a woman want?” has been worrying men for more than a century, and no psychologist, no philosopher, no expert on women's souls has yet found a single answer to it.

This question is especially acute on the eve of Women's Day. Statisticians conduct surveys, draw up tables and graphs, compare data from the last decades… And it turns out that for all their unpredictability, there are “three whales” which keeps the good mood of the ladies – the opportunity to relax, quality shopping and romantic adventures.

Scenario of the perfect morning

 Perfect March 8 Script: Men's Tip

They say there are three things you can look at endlessly – how fire burns, how water flows, and how another person works. Women clarify that not just another person, but a beloved man, and not just working, but doing household chores. Therefore, in order to set a festive tone in the morning, bring her coffee in bed, and start cleaning the apartment yourself – slowly and carefully, so that the beloved is imbued.

By the way, it will work even more effectively if you first present her with a super modern Vestfalia XTUltra vacuum cleaner as a gift, which not only cleans the floor, cleans carpets and upholstery, but also, thanks to the innovative Aqua-box water filter, helps to purify the air in the room and remove allergens.

Believe me, the best romance – this is the one that makes our life more comfortable and easier, and the vacuum cleaner – this is a really necessary thing in the household that makes life easier. It is better to give a gift with the words: “Relax, dear, I will clean the house myself!”.

Scenario of a perfect afternoon

shopping with your loved one. Yes, we know you hate it, but we're talking about a perfect March 8th scenario, and for some reason most women love to shop with their significant other.

 Perfect March 8 Script: Tip for Men

So, for starters, go to one of the JackKuba luxury lingerie boutiques, because every woman knows that any look begins with chic lingerie. And here there is plenty to choose from: sensual and daring, restrained and accent, erotic and sophisticated, you will find a model for any mood and temperament. Well, the joint choice of underwear will certainly enhance the romantic mood.

Continue on your way to CrazyLine, which this season delight with spring colors and elegant feminine cuts and invite your beloved to choose an outfit for the evening. What woman would refuse a new dress? And even more so when she is hinted that the continuation of the holiday awaits her.

 Script perfect March 8: a hint for men

After you have decided on your holiday outfit, go pick up the right shoes. If you want to go all-in, then take her straight to LafayetteItaly, whose collections are made up of Italian luxury brands. And this is exactly the case when you don't have to choose between fashion, beauty and comfort.

 Script for the perfect March 8: a tip for men

Script for the perfect evening

Of course, the first thing you need to “walk” all updates. Book a table in a chic restaurant that your chosen one has long dreamed of, but somehow it has not yet developed to go there. Savor the culinary creations of famous chefs and fine wines, and after a sumptuous dinner, stroll around “your seats”. .jpg” alt=” Scenario of the perfect March 8: a hint for men ” />

And when you return home, arrange a home spa for your beloved – prepare a hot fragrant bath for her, and put the last gift of the day next to her – set of cosmetics from SeboCalm. They contain medicinal plants and essential oils and are great for nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Beloved will certainly appreciate your care. And besides, the products ordered on the site will also bring aesthetic pleasure – the charming boxes in which the goods are packed create a truly festive mood.

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