Scarring: cat Timothy was left at the hand of the singer is very deep scratches

Останутся шрамы:  котик  Тимати оставил на руке певца очень глубокие царапины

The scars: “cat”, Timothy left the artist’s hand is very deep scratches [photo]
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Photo: instagram

“Decoration” may remain on the hand of the singer for life.

36-year-old Russian rapper Timati boasted on his page in Instagram the results of the games with your pet – a cat breed the chausie F1. The pictures, published musician, his arm is scratched a lot.

– Baby grows – briefly signed photo of Timothy, which he is holding his “little” pet.

Fans of the rapper pictures are not appreciated, and as one began to ask the singer to be more careful. They also asked whether the drawing frightened to hold “a beast” next to a newborn daughter.

“Buddy because scars will remain”, “wow”, “Scar remains I know from experience”, “you have to be Careful still a small child. I would not risk”, “do Not fear that a cat with a baby in one house,” said the followers.

We will remind, the breed is the chausie F1 is a cross between an exotic cat and traditional Abyssinian cat breed. Only Timothy and Anastasia Reshetova have four Pets: cats, Hussein, Salem, Bagheera and Jamal.

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The baby is growing 🐾

Publication from Black Star (@timatiofficial)


Timothy gave mom a kinder garden

Russian rap artist Timati gave to his mother Simone, the black sea – the building in which the woman plans to open a luxury children’s center “Gravity.” As Mash says, the house is in Presnenskiy district of Moscow on the territory of the LCD “Presnensky Val”.

Project “Gravity” has already been agreed, now the building is being renovated. Simon Yakovlevna herself oversees the progress of work. To open an elite kindergarten plan after the New year. According to the newspaper, the kindergarten will be focused on the early development of children, including children with disabilities.

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