Scandalous exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Vienna accused of anti-Semitism

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 Scandalous exhibition at Vienna's Jewish Museum accused of anti-Semitism

A new exhibition on display at the Jewish Museum in Vienna, clearly seeking to refute prejudice against Jews, is drawing a lot of criticism for a number of works on display that critics say reinforce anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli sentiment.< br />
Exhibition entitled “100 myths about Jews and between them” ostensibly intended to represent the prejudices about Jews that are prevalent among the general population and to destroy them with the help of various works of art, mainly by Jewish and Israeli artists. Jewish history and the resulting “Jewish sadness” and the links between Jewish communities around the world and Israel.

"The exhibition shows these myths, looks for their source, treats them as a parody or irony", — says the blurb to the exhibition, which emphasizes the modernity of prejudice against Jews.

Controversial works of art — these are mostly those in which the symbols of the Holocaust are used for parodic purposes or to convey funny messages. instead of the original inscription “Work sets you free”. In the work of artist Alan Schachner, the artist is photographed with a can of Coca-Cola against the background of a photograph of prisoners of the Buchenwald concentration camp. The performance by artist Boris Lowry shows a naked woman against the backdrop of a pile of corpses in a death camp.

Other works in the exhibition express an anti-Israel stance: in connection with the widespread assertion that “the Holocaust taught the Jews nothing”, a model of a separating fence in Israel, made from 12 pieces of an olive tree, is presented. This work does not dispute the claim that the Holocaust taught the Jews nothing, but rather confirms the opinion of those who claim that Israel treats the Palestinians the same way the Nazis treated the Jews.

Regarding the claim that Jews do not criticize Israel, a video is shown that reinforces this claim, rather than disproving it. The exhibition aims to ridicule Israel's supporters in Europe, usually from the right wing, who exaggerate the wonder of the Jewish-Christian heritage. Here appears an image of the Israeli flag hoisted over the office of the Austrian chancellor in solidarity with Israel in the face of Hamas rocket attacks in May 2021, accompanied by quotes from journalists who criticized the gesture made by former chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Jewish community officials Vienna emphasizes that the exhibition has the opposite effect of what it aims to achieve, in that it assimilates and justifies prejudice against Jews and reinforces them rather than fighting them. already removed from the exhibition at the request of the Jewish community of Vienna, but remained in the catalog e exhibitions.

This is not the first time the Jewish Museum in Europe has been holding exhibitions with anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli overtones. The most famous example so far has been the Jewish Museum Berlin, which is also not owned by the local Jewish community, but is funded by the German government and the municipality Berlin.

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