Scandal in the family of a famous actress: “infidelity destroyed everything”

Скандал в семье известной актрисы: "измены разрушили все"

In the family of a famous Russian actress Elena Yakovleva, who became famous for the main role in the TV series “Kamenskaya”, scandal broke

Her son Denis Stray surprised the audience not only in appearance but also his actions, which tells in Instagram. As it turned out, Denis is now going through the divorce process. By the way, the son of Elena Yakovleva and his fiancee legalized relationships in the 2017th.

Without continued family happiness 26-year-old heir of the actress Denis Crazy. The tattooed young man in the summer of 2017 secretly got married with Victoria Melnikova, a graduate of the Institute of journalism. The triumph guys didn’t call even close, although star mother took the daughter-in-law. However, the joint lives of the young seem to fail, the pair is preparing to divorce.

Скандал в семье известной актрисы: "измены разрушили все"

“They really decided to leave, – has shared with journalists surrounded the pair.

“At first everything was fine, share Hobbies each other. Dan tried his hand in different directions — worked as the tutor in children’s camp, made his debut on the theatre stage, filmed a video for their song. Wife all of this was actively interested in support. But then began a quarrel. Don’t know what served as a detonator, but I heard that Vick is suspected unfaithful. Distrust, misunderstanding, and look what it got him”.

Скандал в семье известной актрисы: "измены разрушили все"

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In the world

Crazy and Melnikov already about two months along, removed each other from friends in social networks and erased all the photos together.

Скандал в семье известной актрисы: "измены разрушили все"

“Soon they will officially no longer be husband and wife — still a friend of the pair Anastasia. — We believe that the Den is just not ready for a serious family life. Already started on all the girls to admire”.

As for the work, the heir of the actress is quite purposeful, prefer own — trying not to go to mom for financial support. Now Crazy working in a Moscow barbershop, where does trendy haircuts, including celebrities, and spends so much energy on the promotion of their musical rock band. The actress has always supported the son and to the journalists ‘ question about why the marriage collapsed he was asked about his decision with understanding.

We will remind, Yakovlev showed himself in his youth to plastics.

Yakovlev also published photos with my son when he was young.

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