Scandal in Herzliya over Christmas tree in kindergarten

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 Scandal in Herzliya over Christmas tree in kindergarten

A kindergarten teacher in Herzliya was attacked by her parents and Herzliya City Council member Elad Tzadikov after two parents brought small Christmas trees as a New Year's gift to the kindergarten.

The scandal began with the fact that two married couples, parents of pupils of the kindergarten “Gan Hitim” in Herzliya, they brought a New Year's gift to the children – two small artificial Christmas trees with decorations. After that, the kindergarten teacher decided to take the opportunity and give a lesson for 4-year-old pupils about the diversity of cultural traditions and holidays.

Having learned about the lesson, the parents of one of the pupils immediately filed a complaint with the city council, after which Elad Tsadikov went to the kindergarten to sort things out with the teacher. A member of the city council asked the teacher if this lesson was approved by the city department of education, and after a negative answer, he wanted to know “whether pagan holidays are included in the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.”

After the teacher answered that in kindergarten there is a non-Jewish girl, Tsadikov said that this is not yet a reason for propagandizing alien foreign holidays in a Jewish kindergarten.

decree, which should state that the education system in Israel – This is the Jewish public education system. According to him, within the framework of it, Israeli children should receive information exclusively about Israeli holidays, and not about foreign pagan rites. and chairman of the “Noam” party Avi Maoz will finally start to act, & ndash; Tsadikov emphasized.

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