Scandal in Canada: “drunk” hockey players from the Czech Republic and Russia were kicked out of the plane

Scandal in Canada:

A scandal broke out in Canada over the youth hockey teams of Russia and the Czech Republic.

According to RIA Novosti, athletes They were not allowed on board the plane due to alcohol intoxication.

Young hockey players behaved inappropriately, so they were taken off the board. It is clarified that the Czechs had beer with them, and the head coach of the Russians, Sergei Zubov, allegedly smoked up the sleeve of the airport.

Later he said that the media literally “ pulled it by the ears. '' this whole story.

“There isn't much to comment on. The team flies home to Russia. All are safe and sound. Probably someone really needs to exaggerate what actually happened. Many guys from both teams were wearing masks incorrectly. After repeated reminders, the airline decided to remove both teams from the flight, '' Match TV quoted him as saying.

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