Scandal at the Australian Open: a Czech tennis player was denied a visa

Australian Open scandal: Czech tennis player was denied a visa

The visa of the famous Czech tennis player Renata Vorachova, winner of 11 WTA doubles tournaments, has been canceled in Australia.

According to Idnes cz, she was supposed to participate in the Australian Open which starts on January 17.

Vorachova was temporarily exempted from vaccination against coronavirus, as she recently had the disease. The girl was let through at customs, but later she was expelled from the country.

“I had an interrogation, which was enough for me. I spent several hours there and was only released when it got dark. I would not want to go through this again. I cannot say that the law enforcement officers were cruel to me. But I was not ready for how it all happened '', & ndash; the girl complained.

According to Vorachova, she was morally suppressed, saying that her visa would be canceled. The athlete noted that even the lawyer was surprised by the demands of the Czech authorities, since the girl had all the necessary confirmation.

“I was busy with training. I planned to do this after the season and, unfortunately, did not have time. And then she caught COVID. After I recovered, I had to fly to Australia, and I didn't have time. I am not opposed to vaccination & quot ;, & ndash; the athlete emphasized.

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