Scandal 18+ to APU: new spill glaring caveat

Скандал 18+ в ВСУ: вспылыл новый вопиющий нюанс

The Arsenal was set on fire in the part where there was a sex scandal with the commander

Arsenal, who tried to burn on 21 February, is located in the military unit No. А1358 in the Khmelnitsky region. It was there recently there was a sex scandal between a Lieutenant Valeria sica commander Victor Ivanovym. In addition, the commander may be involved in fire and explosion at the depots in Novobohdanivka, Zaporizhia, which occurred in may 2004.

Скандал 18+ в ВСУ: вспылыл новый вопиющий нюанс

On 21 February, the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine reported about the attempted arson of one of the arsenals. Where it happened, the military did not elaborate, but noted that the fire was liquidated in a timely manner.

According to the journalist Vitaly Pavlovsky, the incident occurred in a military unit № А1358 located in the village Cuicocha in the Khmelnitsky region.

According to him, weapons were stored there 120 and 150 millimeters, but it “quite a bit”. He also says that this is the only Arsenal in Ukraine, which has not yet burned down.

“Their own fire brigade was stopped by the bulk of the fire. But check www (Military service law and order) and the security service of Khmelnytsky, which has already arrived and is studying the situation, I hope to give managers and subordinates who are responsible for the safety of ammunition,” — said the journalist.

At the same time he presented another interesting detail.

“I want to remind You that Viktor Ivanov has held the position of head of the storage of ammunition in Novobohdanivka in 2004-2005, when there was a fire and detonation of ammunition in military warehouses. The Commission found him “guilty of disengagement from duty that then led to disastrous consequences,” — said Pavlovsky.

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He has also published a copy of a military document which says that the results of the internal audit in this part were found violations in the amount of 2.4 million.

“Perhaps a diversion to destroy the evidence “of the missing millions”,” predicts the journalist.

As reported, Ukrainian troops foiled an attempted arson at one of the arsenals of the armed forces. About it reports Management on public relations of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

“Today, 21 February, thanks to the skillful actions of personnel foiled an attempted arson at one of the arsenals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The threat was quickly eliminated, without consequences. Urgent investigative actions of law enforcement. Ask representatives of the media not to spread rumors and to check information before disclosure, to use the official sources of information”, — noted in press service.

Recall the Sex scandal in the APU continued: “victims was much more.”

We also reported that were stored in warehouses in Ichnia and why a year ago we started talking about the incident.

Even politeka reported that a cache of ammunition found in Atoshnik in the Odessa region.

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