SBU will start to block sites: who fall under the sanctions

СБУ начнет блокировать сайты: кто попадет под санкции

The security service of Ukraine soon will block malicious websites that are suspected of harming national security before the presidential election.

According to RBC-Ukraine, this was stated by the head of Department of counterintelligence protection of state interests in the field of information security SBU Alexander Klimchuk, live TV program “Freedom of speech”. According to Klimchuk, SBU will take such measures in response to information of a cyber attack, primarily from Russia. Recently, SBU began to lead a group of online agitators who cooperate with the Russian curators and get them to monetary compensation and assignments to discredit the electoral process.

СБУ начнет блокировать сайты: кто попадет под санкции

“The security information indicates that the main tendency of the Russian special forces will do to the hybrid aggression: cyber-attacks, attacks on cyber space and critical infrastructure. And a second vector of information influence, fake news and attacks on information space,” said Klimchuk.

According to him, the SBU has information that Russian secret services are preparing a powerful cyber attacks before and during the presidential election campaign in Ukraine.

“They can attack not only the electronic systems and servers directly to the Central election Commission, and can carry out aggression against any critical infrastructure, such as transport, communication, Finance and energy,” said Klimchuk.

СБУ начнет блокировать сайты: кто попадет под санкции

The Minister said that last year was blocked about 2 million fake accounts and anti-sites.

“It was filed to block the imposition of sanctions approximately 200 Internet resources that were engaged in the promotion of the Russian world. This year received 100 more websites in the near future, and the forthcoming presidential decree will be entered the decision to block these sites,” added Klimchuk.

As previously reported, Russia will throw a huge force to disrupt or discredit the upcoming elections. The leadership of the Russian Federation according to the statements of some journalists and political analysts will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on different kinds of information attacks on Ukrainian information space. The Kremlin has already walked this way when he intervened in the U.S. presidential election.

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According to some sources in Moscow already there was a special Department which will deal exclusively with the Ukrainian question, namely to conduct cyber attacks on the main CEC website and in the General media space, also created thousands of Internet bots, which will operate in social networks.

We will remind, SBU disclosed Putin’s plan to disrupt the elections in Ukraine.

As he wrote Politeka,Zelensky ordered criminal authority for $60 million .

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