SBU captured a traitor who surrendered his platoon in 2014

 SBU captured a traitor who surrendered his platoon in 2014

The Security Service of Ukraine released a video of a captured Russian soldier who turned out to be a Ukrainian traitor.

“You know what motives and how looks like a military man who betrayed twice? On the video of the SBU – interrogation of another "orc" from the Russian Federation, who actually turned out to be a Ukrainian traitor and in 2014 went over to the side of the occupier in Crimea.

The man in the video introduces himself as Captain Igor Rudenko. According to him, since 2011 he served as the communications chief of the platoon commander of the howitzer-artillery battalion, and in 2014 he defected to the invader.

On February 24, 2022, his howitzer-artillery battalion received an order to attack to Ukraine and moved to New Kakhovka. Mykolaiv was supposed to be next, and later Odessa.

They were promised that everything had been agreed with the authorities, that they would not shell residential buildings, but simply pass through the raid. Like, they explained: “Everything will be like in 2014, when Russia took Crimea.”

At the same time, Ukraine met the invaders with fierce resistance.

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