Saudi streaming platform Shahid strikes a deal with Israeli Partner

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 Saudi streaming platform Shahid makes deal with Israeli Partner

Saudi Arabia-based live streaming platform MBC Group Shahid has signed an agreement with Israeli mobile operator Partner, according to NewArab.

Partner has announced an agreement with Shahid — The largest content streaming platform in the Arab world headquartered in Dubai.

The agreement will allow Partner to access content from Shahid, adding that its Arabic-speaking customers will be able to download the Shahid app and purchase subscriptions.

The move comes a month after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia was “possible” in comments at the Hartog National Security Conference in Tel Aviv.

Speculation that Riyadh could join the group of Arab states that have normalized relations with Israel has intensified since Netanyahu returned to power as Israeli prime minister late last year.

In February, Bloomberg reported that both countries had “intensified” talks on security and military affairs in meetings that took place ahead of a meeting of the U.S.-Gulf Cooperation Council Working Group on Defense and Security in Riyadh.

relations with Israel until a Palestinian state is established.

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