Saudi coalition accused Hezbollah of aiding the Houthis

The Saudi coalition accused Hezbollah of aiding the Houthis p /> </p>
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<p> Saudi Coalition blamed Hezbollah and Iran in aiding the Houthis in Yemen, namely in launching missiles and drones, reports The Times of Israel. </p>
<p> Since the coalition intervened in the conflict, Saudi Arabia has regularly accused Iran of supplying sophisticated weapons to the Houthis, and ” ; Hezbollah & quot; in their training. </p>
<p> A spokesman for the Turki al-Malki coalition told a press conference that the Houthis are “ militarizing '' Sana'a airport (salt of Yemen) and is used as a “ main center for launching ballistic missiles and drones. '' </p>
<p> Al-Malki even showed a video, which, he said, showed apartment of Iranian and Hezbollah experts at the airport “ where Hezbollah is training the Houthis to catch booby traps and use drones. '' </p>
<p> It is noted that this video has not been independently verified. </p>
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