Saudi Arabia to build giant skyscraper with 'holographic worlds'

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 Saudi Arabia to build giant skyscraper with "holographic worlds" < /p>

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally announced the creation of the New Murabba Development Co. She will build this “unique place to live, work and play.” The Mukaab project is based on the concept of sustainable development, with green spaces, walking and cycling paths that will “promote a healthy lifestyle and social activity.” This includes the concept of 15-minute walkable access, where each resident can reach everything they need in a maximum of 15 minutes.

The interior will house a museum, a university of technology and design, a multipurpose immersive cinema, and more than 80 entertainment and cultural venues . In addition, there will be 9,000 hotel rooms, 980,000 square meters of retail space, offices, entertainment and public facilities.

The complex will be designed to accommodate hundreds of thousands of residents in 104,000 apartments and will offer an area of ​​19 square kilometers. It could fit 20 Empire State Buildings inside it.

The entire building, each of which will be 400 meters in size, will consist of a central tower on a spiral foundation, a dome with screens to project fantastic landscapes and exterior walls.

But the fantasticness of the project lies not only in the dimensions and area. The designers plan to create the perfect place to immerse yourself in digital and virtual worlds. Inside, several completely different holographic worlds will be created. Getting here, a person can be transported in the blink of an eye to Mars, deep under water or into the distant future. In fact, it will be a giant virtual planetarium.

According to the schedule, the cubic skyscraper should be built by 2030.

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