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 Saudi and UAE condemn < /p>

During the three-day conflict, terrorists of the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad” (PIJ) fired about 1,100 rockets at Israel, of which about 200 hit the densely populated areas of Gaza. These fatal misfires resulted in 10 deaths, including four children in Jabalia. Dozens more people were injured. The Palestinians tried to blame Israel for the tragedy in Jabaliya, but a video taken by the IDF in the area proves unequivocally that a jihad missile hit the building. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates both in the press and on social media.

According to a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute, critics have alleged, among other things, that the PIJ is a pro-Iranian organization acting in the interests of Iran and causing suffering to the people of Gaza through its actions.

Saudi Arabian and UAE media have also ridiculed recent threats from IRGC commanders warning that Israel will “pay a heavy price for its crimes in Gaza.” and that Hezbollah strike “a hard blow against Israel” when the time comes. They questioned why Iran was not following through on its threats.

In a lengthy front-page report on Sunday, the London-based UAE newspaper Al-Arab criticized PIJ, writing that “Gaza has once again become the scene of a settling of accounts between Iran and Israel, for which the Palestinians are paying.

According to the IDF, more Palestinian civilians have died due to failed PIJ missile launches than due to Israeli strikes.

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