Satellite imagery: damage from the attack in Syria on the night of the World Cup final

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 Satellite imagery: damage from attack in Syria on the night of the World Cup final

New satellite imagery released today Dec. 24 shows the destruction at Dabba airport in northwest Syria from an attack attributed to Israel on the night of the final of the World Cup football. The satellite image shows the planes that were destroyed by precise hits, and traces left on the ground.

According to Al Arabiya TV channel, on the night from Sunday to Monday, Israel attacked a unit of Hezbollah. at Quseir airport. It was also reported that as a result of the attack, several important Hezbollah air units were damaged. objects that are used by the terrorist organization to strengthen its influence in Syria.

Detachment 127, whose planes were damaged, is responsible for the production of unmanned aircraft in Lebanon, as well as for the work of aerial reconnaissance of terrorists. Also attacked was a multi-storey building that served as an Iranian command and control headquarters in the heart of Damascus. The building was badly damaged and part of it collapsed. The attack destroyed sites containing intelligence equipment used by high-ranking Iranian officers.

On the night of the attack, Israel allegedly shelled airstrips and attacked additional sites associated with drone testing, according to reports.

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