Sasha Gozias boasted an expensive gift from her husband

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Sasha Gozias boasted an expensive gift from her husband

Former participant in the reality show Sasha Gozias became the proud owner of a German sports car with an electric motor.

Sasha Gozias. Photo:

Ex-participant of “House-2” Alexandra Gozias on the second attempt she successfully married. Its current the chosen one she met after leaving the project.

A little over a year ago, Sasha Gozias moved to her lover in Moscow, married him and gave birth to a son.

The husband adores Alexandra and pampers her with expensive gifts. Sasha Gozias boasted in the microblogging a luxurious present that her husband gave her.

As a gift, Sasha Gozias received a car from the luxury segment – a brand new Porsche in indigo color with an electric motor.

“Of course it didn’t turn out to be beautiful. But my husband was able to surprise me, ”Sasha Gozias wrote under the video in the microblog.

The subscribers were sincerely happy for the reality star and wished her neither a nail nor a rod on the road.

“Very cool! Congratulations “,” Well done husband “,” What a clever husband and what a fine wife, what inspires a man to do such things “,” Just an incredible surprise! Bliss. Your husband is just a superman “,” I’m very glad for you, Sasha. You rejoice like a child at the gift under the tree. Magic emotions “, – said on the Web.

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