Sarmenov revealed about his hard fight with Kovid

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Sarmenov revealed about his hard fight with Kovid

The premiere of “Everyone Loves Gary” at the Aleko Konstantinov Satirical Theater is on November 11 and 18. On this occasion, Elitsa Kancheva met with the director of the theater – Kalin Sarmenov, who plays the lead role – that of Gary.

“I started at the Satirical Theater more than 30 years ago, and I had no intention of it being that much. I had no idea that my life would be connected like this. It always happens that when a person least suggests or resists the most, then somehow nature returns him. I was like that with the children and the family, I always said “No! Family, me and the children – never!”. And now to see – one, two, three, so… “- said the actor in the dressing room.

“Kalata used to sit here. Here was Parcalev, and here was Neycho Popov. I sat in the place of Parcalev, who had left exactly the same year. It is a long story how they welcomed me and how they treated me. Kalata did not greet me at all for a year. And one day – my first big role I played here, they all lined up in the front row to watch. The show ended, they hugged me like a brother, as if we had always been close. And I ask him, “Kali, why is that all year?” And he said something very instructive to me, “How can I be friends with you before I know how much you cost?” I learned a lot from them, I learned a lot in this dressing room, she saw a lot of things too! ”Says Kalin Sarmenov.

The main character in “Everyone Loves Gary” is a musician. The play tells the story of a famous artist at the end of his career.

“We started living with this infection two years ago and we changed our priorities, we turned to more chamber titles. We are very vaccinated now. In “Everyone Loves Gary,” we don’t have a single person who hasn’t been vaccinated. In the theater itself we are over 50% vaccinated. I am absolutely convinced that the green certificate is something obligatory and necessary, but it should have been done earlier or a bigger explanatory campaign should have been made, ”the actor commented.

“We are at war. The peoples more civilized than us have already understood it and have begun to move away from it and have begun to have a sense of some kind of normalcy. And the moment we started to feel good, we ate ourselves. I got rid of the coronavirus myself a year ago and hid for a long time so that the Satirical Theater would not be attacked and things would be explained incorrectly. I took it quite hard, I was in the hospital, I saw it first hand. If it weren’t for Dr. Dimitar Nikolakov, we probably wouldn’t have been able to have this conversation, “said Kalin Sarmenov.

During the rehearsals of “Everyone loves Gary”, he shared with Alexandra Sarchadzhieva “But what a nice team we are!”.

“There is some energy, like-minded people gather, they speak the same language. And there are performances, of course, I will not say them, in which to this day when I leave – it’s like going to the dentist. But there are some! Of course, it builds you, it’s not just the good that builds you. The bad builds you more than the good. The good can blur your eyes more, the bad clears you and makes you sensitive “- summarizes the director of the Satirical Theater.


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