Samsung will release the smartphone as cheap as possible: “many errors”

Samsung выпустит максимально дешевый смартфон: «много погрешностей»

Samsung users will appreciate the new smartphone on the Android system Go

Samsung may soon introduce a budget smartphone that will work under the operating system Android Go. So, in the database of the popular test Suite Geekbench has several entries about the new smartphone from Samsung called the Samsung SM-A260F, this informed resource

The device received a single-chip system Samsung Exynos 7870 that will be paired with 1 gigabytes of RAM. Out of the box, the smartphone will be running Android operating system 8.1 Oreo (Go Android). This means that will receive a special simplified version of Android, and reduced versions of the apps are not as “demanding” to filling device. Given the characteristics of the smartphone we can assume that its price should not exceed $ 100.

So, from the point of view of results, SM-A260F scored 726 points in single-core mode and 2984 points in multicore. It seems that if the information is confirmed, SM-A260F can become the third Samsung smartphone with Android operating system Go after smartphones such as the Galaxy J4 Core, which was announced in early November and J2 Core officially announced in late August.

Samsung выпустит максимально дешевый смартфон: «много погрешностей»

Also earlier it was reported that the company Samsung will release its new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 in bright colours, repeating the success of the iPhone Xr.

Like releasing the iPhone Xr Apple has set a new trend in bright colors for phone, recall it was presented in red, yellow and bright blue colors. Indeed, more and more manufacturers decided to dilute a palette of subdued colors with bright accessories.

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Writes mobilecryptotech, the long-awaited flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 can be seen in the bright red gradient case. It should be noted that the smartphone looks very impressive.

Samsung выпустит максимально дешевый смартфон: «много погрешностей»

Recall that the Samsung Corporation have created a device with unique features and unusual color solution.

Korean Corporation Samsung has introduced a limited edition version of the Galaxy A8s for the holiday of lovers. The novelty has received name Galaxy A8s Unicorn Edition. She announced in two gradient colors that is perfect for the beautiful half of humanity.

An unusual feature of the presented device was the mode of Magic Mirror. It allows you to use your phone like a standard mirror. For a quick start function you have to hold down the call button assistant Bixby.

Recall that the Samsung Galaxy M30 will get an important feature.

As reported Politeka, Samsung showed a smartphone in an exclusive color.

Politeka also wrote that Samsung will release a unique device.

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