Samsung Unveils SmartThings Station at CES 2023

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 Samsung Introduces SmartThings Station at CES 2023

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Samsung Electronics announced the release of SmartThings Station — an easy-to-use and affordable smart home hub with wireless charging.

The SmartThings Station is not only easy to operate, but also compatible with a range of smart home devices, including the Matter system. With SmartThings Station, users can automate various aspects of their lives and set a schedule that makes their daily life more comfortable and saves energy — for example, turn off the lights and household appliances.

“A smart home doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. That's why we created SmartThings — a simple, reliable and easily scalable smart technology connection platform, — commented Jaeyeon Jung, Executive Vice President and Head of SmartThings, Samsung Electronics Device Platform Center. — The number of internet-connected home appliances continues to grow, especially after the recent release of the Matter standard. We are proud to help make these innovative technologies easier to use.
A smart home with minimal effort

Samsung SmartThings Station is easy to set up. When it is turned on for the first time, pop-up notifications appear on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone to help the user complete the installation. Hub owners can also activate the option to connect devices by scanning a QR code with a smartphone camera.

Adaptation to the user's daily routine

The smart home control center helps a range of devices, such as thermostats, lights, and sockets, connect to other appliances through a smart home server to create a unified environment with them. SmartThings Station easily automates scripts predefined in the SmartThings app without requiring manual control of individual devices.

 Samsung Introduces SmartThings Station at CES 2023

By pressing the Smart Button on the SmartThings Station, users can activate the scenario created in the SmartThings app. For example, when it's time to go to bed, with a quick press of a button, you can start the process of preparing for bed: turn off the lights, close the blinds and lower the temperature in the house. For movie viewing, you can turn on the TV and dim the lights with one button. When a user leaves home, SmartThings Station can turn off outlets and unused appliances to save energy, and activate an alarm system.

SmartThings Station can run up to three different scenarios with a short press, long press, and double press on the Smart Button. They can be activated through the SmartThings app whether the user is at home or away.

Find and manage devices throughout the home

SmartThings Station integrates Samsung SmartThings Find to quickly find devices. It makes it easy to find lost gadgets by double-clicking the Smart Button to send a call to a nearby smartphone.
SmartThings Station also acts as an always-at-home device scanner to help Samsung Galaxy users track the location of registered — from smartphones, tablets, wearables and headphones to personal items such as keys or a wallet with an attached Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+4. By regularly scanning, SmartThings Station will inform users of the location of connected smart devices and tags in the home. The station will also send an alert to your smartphone if the device is taken out of the house or returned back.

Fast charging pad that fits perfectly into the smart home

SmartThings Station — it's also a powerful charger that supports 15W wireless charging. Fast charging perfectly complements the smart home control center, as it fully matches the rhythm of life of modern users.

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