Samsung: once a month, fill in the powder – and forget about washing and drying

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 Samsung: put powder in once a month and forget about washing and drying

New washer and dryer Bespoke AI™ by Samsung — the most environmentally friendly, efficient and intelligent washing and drying machines

A modern person in the modern world should be everywhere and everywhere, but how to achieve this if even at home we are waiting for things that take a lot of effort and time. If you always need to be in time everywhere, and sometimes in several places at the same time. And life is eating up. But, as always, there is a way out.

Samsung offers an innovative solution for your everyday life – very soon the Bespoke AI&trade washer and dryer will be presented in Israel. This is the next step in comfort and technical thought. They allow you to do more with less. Now you do not need to think every time about which washing mode to choose, how much powder to use and fill in the conditioner, how much electricity and water will be spent on all this.

Samsung Bespoke AI™ will take on all these responsibilities and you will have more time for what is really important to you. And that's not to mention the cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness that distinguishes all modern household appliances from Samsung.

Bespoke AI™ washer and dryer; — the greenest, most efficient and smartest washer and dryer in its class. With its large drum capacity and compact design, Bespoke AI™ provide powerful and reliable performance, which saves energy and usage costs.

Save energy, water and detergent with every wash

Samsung's new Bespoke washing machine uses artificial intelligence to reduce electricity and powder consumption. It is equipped with AI Ecobubble™ technology, which transforms the washing powder into bubbles, so that they are quickly absorbed into the laundry. With Ecobubble technology, the washing machine reduces energy consumption by up to 70%, clothes are washed well even in cold water, it removes dirt by 24% better and provides better fabric care by 45.5%.

Users can also reduce costs with AI Wash Cycle, a smart feature that thoroughly and gently launders clothes with less water and detergent.

how dirty the laundry is. Based on this, the program calculates how much water and powder should be used to achieve the best result.

 Samsung: powder once a month and forget about washing and drying

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The Auto Dispense function calculates the exact amount of powder and fabric softener needed for each wash, eliminating the need to add detergent every time. By pouring detergents once, you can forget about adding them to every wash for a month.

When it comes to drying clothes, the Bespoke AI™ also offers many energy saving options. Heat pump technology in Bespoke AI&trade dryers; provides a more energy efficient, economical and gentle way to dry clothes.

Bespoke AI™ with A+++ energy consumption, uses digital inverter compressor technology to dry clothes as quickly and efficiently as possible. AI Dry technology constantly monitors temperature and humidity, adjusting settings to dry clothes as efficiently as possible.

The SmartThings Energy service allows users to easily monitor and manage their energy consumption. SmartThings Clothing Care analyzes the material of the garment, the time of year and, based on these parameters, will suggest the best way to wash and dry clothes.

Designed with your lifestyle in mind

Washing machines of the new generation can be not only stylish, but also as functional as possible. Thanks to SpaceMax™ technology, more space is created inside the machine, including a larger drum, without increasing the external dimensions of the machine. This machine is equipped with an 11 kg laundry container, the largest available in the 600 mm category. The Bespoke range is easy to install, with a contemporary design that blends in with any decor and is a great choice for any contemporary home. The washer and dryer are available in silver, black and morning blue.

Performance you can trust year after year

Buying a washer or dryer is an important and responsible step, Samsung wants to make sure they last a long time, so the company has installed an advanced digital inverter motor in Bespoke AI™ washing machines and dryers, which makes the machine run quieter and use less energy. This motor uses high quality components and eliminates the use of wearing brushes.

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