Samsung kicks off the 2022 FIFA World Cup

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 Samsung starts 2022 FIFA World Cup

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On the eve of the first whistle that will mark the beginning of the World Cup, Samsung is presenting a unique gaming complex at the launch event of the sports giant Adidas, dedicated to the launch of the biggest sporting event.

The FIFA World Cup, or as it is also called, Mondial, is considered one of the largest and most significant sporting events. Leading up to the opening of the 2022 tournament, the world's largest TV manufacturer Samsung is presenting its innovative models in a unique gaming complex that will move around the country, stopping in different cities. Leading Adidas football players, gamers from the Non-gaming group and social media stars will take part in the presentation.

Last night, the first event in Tel Aviv was attended by Adidas Israel CEO Thibault Durand, Samsung Israel CEO Charlie Yu, Samsung Israel spokesperson Mia Sehgal and other executives. Many celebrities from the adidas influencer team also participated in it, including models Idan Pines and Yael Shelbia, Kim Or Azoulay, Omer Hazan, Anna Zak and others. Famous athletes, business representatives and employees of Adidas. Visitors to the unique gaming complex enjoy an innovative gaming experience made possible by the company's TV screens.

 Samsung kicks off 2022 FIFA World Cup

Mia Segal, Samsung Israel Spokesperson: “Every football fan dreams fly to the World Cup, but not everyone can do it. Through our partnership with Adidas, we will bring Israeli fans an immersive World Cup or FIFA experience through Samsung TVs, as real as if they were on the pitch.

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