Samsung has launched unique Dating service: “photoshop help”

Samsung запустил уникальный сервис знакомств: «фотошоп не поможет»

Programmers of the company Samsung has decided to approach the Dating sites from an unexpected quarter

The company Samsung has decided that food preferences and eating habits are an excellent opportunity to find a soul mate, and has launched a Dating service Refrigerdating that will choose a life partner by the pictures of the contents of refrigerators

Search second halves does not differ from schemes of work to the usual Dating service: users reset the picture to the right, and not any left. To begin communication, the two users must “like” pictures of each other.

Samsung запустил уникальный сервис знакомств: «фотошоп не поможет»

As was reported at Samsung, the company decided to expand the capabilities of “smart” household appliances. In addition to tips on recipes, need to purchase products and other familiar functions, the fridge will help without any problems and long descriptions to disclose their interests and to understand whether the lifestyle of another person you.

“Modern technologies create additional value for users. For example, a range of fridges Family Hub allows you to check via the mobile app on a smartphone, what products you have at home. This, in turn, allows you to learn a lot about you as a person,” said the Manager of training and communications at Samsung Electronics Nordic Mathias Johansson.

Refrigerdating does not use user information for purposes not related to the acquaintance. To use the service, users can from anywhere in the world with 18.

Samsung запустил уникальный сервис знакомств: «фотошоп не поможет»

Also earlier it was reported that Samsung users will appreciate the new smartphone on the Android system Go.

Samsung may soon introduce a budget smartphone that will work under the operating system Android Go. So, in the database of the popular test Suite Geekbench has several entries about the new smartphone from Samsung called the Samsung SM-A260F, this informed resource

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The device received a single-chip system Samsung Exynos 7870 that will be paired with 1 gigabytes of RAM. Out of the box, the smartphone will be running Android operating system 8.1 Oreo (Go Android). This means that will receive a special simplified version of Android, and reduced versions of the apps are not as “demanding” to filling device. Given the characteristics of the smartphone we can assume that its price should not exceed $ 100.

Recall that the Samsung Galaxy M30 will get an important feature.

As reported Politeka, Samsung showed a smartphone in an exclusive color.

Politeka also wrote that Samsung will release a unique device.

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