Samsung has introduced a personal “Secretary”: the features of Galaxy Fit

Samsung представила персонального "секретаря": особенности Galaxy Fit

Samsung has pleased fans of technology many innovations among them were bracelets Galaxy Fit

In addition to the basic three smartphones in the Galaxy S10, separate models with support for 5G, and a unique foldable flagship in the face of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung also introduced a number of wearable devices under the brand name Galaxy, instead of the old Gear. For those who are new watch Galaxy Watch Active not satisfied with the price or size, the Korean manufacturer presented the smartwatch gear Galaxy Fit and Fit e are made to help you to lead an active lifestyle and enhance the effectiveness of training.

The device is enclosed in a thin and lightweight design and provides easy monitoring of a range of parameters. They automatically begin to track your activity while walking, running, Biking, rowing, jumping, exercises on the elliptical trainer or when you start a conventional dynamic training.

Samsung представила персонального "секретаря": особенности Galaxy Fit

However, the owner can manually select one of more than 90 types supported exercises in the Health app on the smartphone to the bracelet started to keep track of the selected exercise. The company promises the enhanced sleep quality analysis and intelligent control of stress, allowing you to monitor the state of the body clock.

Can new Galaxy Fit to work as an accessory for smartphones based on Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0 and above: bracelets deduce notifications, text messages and information widgets from your smartphone, allow you to set alarms, manage calendar and check the weather forecast.

Samsung представила персонального "секретаря": особенности Galaxy Fit

When you move to other time zones Galaxy Fit bracelets automatically switch to the display mode dual clock, helping you to navigate in time. Galaxy Fit is equipped with 0.95-inch color AMOLED display with a resolution of 120×240 pixels, while the Galaxy Fit e – 0,74 inch monochrome PMOLED-display with a resolution of 64×128 pixels. In addition, the first model battery 120 mAh with support for wireless charging, while the second – in 70 mAh only wired charging. Both bracelet are working on a Realtime OS, are protected against water and can withstand pressure of 5 ATM., that allows you to take a shower and swim in the pool.

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Samsung представила персонального "секретаря": особенности Galaxy Fit

Also earlier it was reported that the company Samsung has introduced a wonderful new breed of smart Watch is Active.

At the event Galaxy Unpacked 2019 in San Francisco, devoted primarily, a new series of flagship smartphones Galaxy S10 and, of course, bending to the miracle of technology Galaxy Fold, Samsung also presented its updated wearable device under the name Galaxy Gear is old. Most prominent among them are the elegant watches Galaxy Watch is Active.

Thin and light body new design profess the principle of minimalism. Watch got a more simple streamlined shape. Despite missing the adjustment ring around the screen and Watch the Active has only two control buttons, Samsung has promised that interaction with the device easier.

Recall that Samsung introduced a smartphone-transformer.

As reported Politeka, Samsung introduced the world to revolutionary smartphones, all features and price Galaxy S10.

Politeka also wrote that Samsung will release a unique device.

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