Samsung Galaxy S10 disappointed their functions: “I do not want to buy”

Samsung Galaxy S10 разочаровал своими функциями: «не захочется покупать»

New from Samsung Samsung Galaxy S10 seems to be the only disappointment

February 20 in San Francisco will be a presentation of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10, which many buyers are pinning very high hopes.

But it seems that the novelty of them definitely did not justify, on this, on 10 February, said the insiders @MMDDJ_ and @SmartphoneTips2 that more than a dozen times has reported reliable information about future products of the South Korean Corporation. Cause huge frustration was the main camera of the product.

Samsung Galaxy S10 разочаровал своими функциями: «не захочется покупать»

Samsung Galaxy S10 will get triple the main camera, which has never been used in the flagship of the brand, but it definitely will disappoint buyers, and in the background of Huawei Mate 20 Pro-quality photos of her will be much worse. The fact is that the novelty manufacturer has decided to install last year’s Galaxy camera from S9, and in order to somehow improve the quality of the photos and the recorded video, I added a third lens. Users are waiting for the main 12 MP camera with 1.4 µm pixels.

In addition, the novelty can also boast variable aperture and optical size 1/2,55″. Exactly the same figures from last year’s Samsung Galaxy S9, which makes it not the best on the market photos. Thus, to a great many regrettable that the Samsung Galaxy S10 even in the top-end version will do significantly worse shots.

Apparently, Samsung engineers are unable in any way to improve the camera for the last year, so they had to add a third lens, but a significant increase in the quality of the photos it will not. Thus, based on this information, the novelty of the South Korean Corporation is unlikely to please those people who are planning to buy it in order to get the best camera phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 разочаровал своими функциями: «не захочется покупать»

Also earlier it was reported that Samsung has patented a new gadget, which differs significantly from other similar devices.

In recent years the average thickness of the smartphone has been reduced. Today, almost all smartphones have a thickness of 7-8 mm. The size of the phone significantly complicates the design of the device, because some components are difficult to place in such a delicate case, according to Patently Mobile.

For example, in this case it is difficult to place the camera, which the producers had to go for a compromise from the point of view of design or technically complex design.

Recall that Samsung presents a smartphone with a retractable camera.

As reported Politeka, Samsung Galaxy S10 was on video.

Politeka also wrote that Samsung showed a new Galaxy S10+.

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