Salman Zarka: Stop speculating on collective contamination

Salman Zarka: stop speculating on collective infection

Coordinator of the fight against coronavirus Salman Zarka called for an end to speculation on the strategy of collective infection.

“We do not have a policy of mass infection. Claims that we are trying to achieve herd immunity are unfounded. We are currently facing a combined wave of morbidity, with the Delta option still active and suffering a lot of hospitalized patients, '' Zarka said.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett predicted that Israel may soon have 50,000 infections a day.

“Our goal is to balance the rapid detection of confirmed cases, especially among high-risk groups to whom we can offer the new drugs we have acquired, while it’s time to ensure the best possible normal life, ”Zarka said.

He made the comment after opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu accused the government of failing to fight the pandemic.

Collective contamination is not a strategy, he said, “but a sign of defeat, helplessness, and the dumping of responsibility on citizens.”

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