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A large number of sites and guides on trading and Forex, conflicting forecasts and unreliable experts – RuNet trouble. Many have already lost money on inept trading, and someone is afraid of making the wrong choice and does not want to risk their last savings.
Portal– an example of how a team of professionals creates expert content. The site was created primarily for fans of the financial world and is for informational purposes only. project — professional content for traders

< br /> Why was the project created?

The main goals of the platform – these are: 1. Giving complete information on how to trade cryptocurrencies and operate in the financial markets. 2. Post reviews and information about trusted brokers. 3. Post instructions on how to use the most effective tools and teach how to use analytical services correctly. 4. To teach effective methods of trading on the main platforms.
These goals – the company's priority when creating any content for the portal.

How does a learning blog work?

There is a blog on the site, where there are step-by-step instructions and tools for a broker at any stage of his career. In this section you can find information about: ● market movement; ● forecasting changes in rates; ● cryptocurrencies; ● trading through a metatrader; ● binary options.

What else is on the site?

The site withοstοit from severalοsectionsοinto, οfοformed into οindividual pages andοselected in the menu. Pοfall into anyοth section of mοzhο nameο through negο. Among the pages of the site: Analytics, Binary brokers, Fοrex brokers, Cryptocurrency. Each of the focusοpages focuses on aοspecificοtopic and market section thatο οsoundοeasyο οreferencingοon the site.
The first sections contain instructions for ο registration, information οon assets and οsοbennοtransactionsοs, as well as theοsοrgοinfluenceοAnalytics providesοtools for analyzing the currentοmarketοsituation andοsettingοsοsοs&oοs&oο Thisοt section – οa separate world inside the pοrtala, inοtοrοm is easyο οreferοtoοtoοreference.
οbrothers via social networks. Messengers and links are located in the οlοtwo site.

What tools and services are available on the site?

Quality analytics tools – the key to successful trading on any exchange. They can be found on the site in the Analytics section. For example, there are services such as:
1. Binary options online chart On it you can track the most up-to-date data on assets and plan further actions. The system also offers up-to-date indicators with convenient settings that help you determine exactly when it is best to make a trade.
2. Summary technical analysis How to get the exact information needed to open trading positions? A summary technical analysis will help with this. It deals with accurate data and allows you to make a forecast for a successful transaction.
3. Current economic and tax calendar A similar calendar for a trader – very important tool. With it, it is possible to make a forecast for a rise or fall in prices. The calendar also includes key events and global news.
4. Reporting calendar This section contains the schedule for publishing quarterly financial reports of companies. Throughout the reporting season, the calendar allows you to track the results of your activities as an investor.
5. Service for providing up-to-date exchange rates project — professional content for traders

Several interactive tools that will allow you to track the rates of currencies and crypto-currencies, as well as quickly convert at the optimal rate.
6. Profitability calculator The main purpose of this tool – calculate the profitability of trading on options and other assets. The interaction is extremely simple – enter the required data and get the exact result. And many other useful tools.
Conclusions Trading any asset, be it binary options or cryptocurrencies, has many risks. Especially for beginners with no experience. When creating the platform, the team first of all thought about them. After all, courses that promise profit without special costs and knowledge – a lot, but little quality information.
On the site, investors will find reviews of popular exchanges and all the necessary tools with descriptions and instructions. Before starting any trading, it is recommended to get acquainted with all the information provided and master the theoretical base. This is what – the key to successful trading and profit.

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