“Safe and peaceful country”. Israeli ambassador robbed in Zambia

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 "Safe and peaceful country". Israeli ambassador robbed in Zambia

Israeli Ambassador to Zambia Ofra Farhi was robbed yesterday, February 3, during a visit to the capital Lusaka, on her way to a meeting with high-ranking officials of the country.

When she was crossing the road with her guards, a car passing by suddenly stopped, the passengers of which snatched her bag and disappeared. According to her, the stolen bag contained her diplomatic passport, mobile phone and money. She added that “Zambia is very safe and peaceful. Such an event could happen in many places.

The guards who accompanied the ambassador did not have time to prevent the theft of the bag, the ambassador fell and received bruises. She received treatment at a local clinic and attended scheduled appointments after being discharged. Her visit to Zambia is due to the fact that she is “mobile” ambassador living in Israel. She is also Ambassador to Zimbabwe and Botswana and is expected to return to Israel in the coming days.

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