Ryanair will stop flying from Kiev: the list of areas

Ryanair перестане літати з Києва: перелік напрямків

The airline closes the flight because of lack of aircraft

Popular low-cost airline Ryanair closes flights from Kiev. The reason for this decision was the lack of aircraft. In this regard, the airline will no longer fly from the Ukrainian capital to Nuremberg and Skavsta airport which is 100 kilometers from Stockholm.

The last flight from Kiev to Nuremberg and Skavsta scheduled for March 27, 2020, so hurry to buy tickets, if planning to go back there.

We regret the closure of these two bases and a slight reduction in available capacity on other bases that coincide with the further delays of deliveries of our Boeing 737 MAX, said CEO of Ryanair’s Eddie Wilson.

It was planned that the new season, Ryanair will receive the 58 aircraft from Boeing. Later this number was reduced to 30, then to 20. The carrier now expects to receive only 10 aircraft.

Ryanair перестане літати з Києва: перелік напрямків

Ryanair is not lttime from Kiev to Nuremberg and Skavsta

In addition, the airline has reduced the forecast number of passengers in the new financial year. From 1 April 2020 31 March 2021 Ryanair expects to carry 156 million instead of the planned 157 million.

To get from Kiev to Nuremberg as before offers of Wizz Air. The company operates flights every Tuesday and Saturday. And in the middle of the Ukrainian capital will fly with “MAU” any day of the week.

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