Russians began to drink more: statistics

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 Russians began to drink more: statistics

Statistical data provided by Rosalkogolregulirovanie show that the population of Russia has begun to consume alcoholic beverages more.

Sales of vodka in Russia for 11 months of 2022 increased compared to the same period last year by 6% (up to 68.8 million decaliters), and low-alcohol drinks – by almost 53% (up to 13.6 million decaliters). This was reported by Interfax.

Cognac was sold 4.5% more (11.1 million decaliters) than last year. Sales of grape wines increased by 0.6% over this period more than a year earlier. The growth rate of sales of champagne and sparkling wines was higher – 8.5%.

In total, 101.2 million decaliters of alcoholic products were sold in Russia in 11 months of 2022, which is 3.4% more than in the year earlier.

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