Russians are not allowed into the Georgian bar without “entry visas”

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 Russians are not allowed into a Georgian bar without "entrance visas"

Russians will no longer be able to visit the popular Dadaena Bar in Tbilisi without an “entry visa”. Not everyone can get it. To get a pass to the bar, you will have to fill out a form “For Russian citizens” on the site. "Russian citizens need a visa to enter Dedaena Bar because not all Russians are welcome. We are for equality and unity, but we need to make sure that brainwashed Russian imperialists do not end up in our bar. Please support us by filling out a visa application so no one has to hang out with Ass*oles. Thank you for your understanding, — written on the site. The Russians need to correctly indicate whose Crimea. You also need to answer the question, whose region is Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions, is Putin a dictator. The visitor must also acknowledge that “20% of Georgia is under Russian occupation” and “1 in 12 Georgians became a refugee due to the Russian invasion”. Among other things, you need to confirm your respect for the phrase “Glory to Ukraine” and "Russian ship go…". The bar administration asks visitors not to start a conversation with the staff in Russian, not to offer payment in rubles and not to enter into political discussions while drunk.

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