Russian tennis player cannot return home due to support from Ukraine

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 Russian tennis player can't return home because of Ukraine's support

Russian tennis player Daria Gavrilova said she could not return home to Moscow because of Ukraine's support.

According to her, she was actually left without a home.

“No, I can't go back to Russia anymore. I definitely support Ukrainian players… Imagine that I don't have a home. It can be called a gray area because I have too many friends in Russia. A little tricky with glasses at Wimbledon. I need to make a decision whether to play qualifying. Wimbledon is still Wimbledon. It's difficult, but there are some decisions I'll have to make. Of course, most people would prefer to play with glasses, and I feel a bit sorry for Ukrainian girls and guys, because you read Russian news and… There are worse things than not playing Wimbledon”, – said Gavrilova at a press conference in Paris.

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