Russian su-27 staged a dangerous incident with the aircraft over the Black sea – Pentagon

Russian fighter 7 September, he made the interception of a us spy plane over the Black sea.

Російський Су-27 влаштував небезпечний інцидент з літаком США над Чорним морем - Пентагон

This was reported at the Pentagon.

The Agency sources in the us defense Department called the actions of the crew of the su-27 to P-8 and “unprofessional.”

“They (the airplanes. – Ed.) made a lot of interactions within 12 hours. But only one of the incidents the pilot was identified as dangerous,” said one of the interlocutors.

At the same time, the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov, commenting on the interception of aircraft of the USA, said that the Russian pilots had acted in strict accordance with international rules of air flights.

According to him, the reconnaissance aircraft P-8 Poseidon of the U.S. Navy on Wednesday has twice tried to approach the border of the Russian Federation over the Black sea included without transponders”.

Note that videoconferencing has repeatedly made “dangerous” maneuvers in close proximity to aircraft or surface ships NATO.

On 29 April a Russian su-27 performed aerobatics “barrel” (revolution about the longitudinal axis by 360 degrees) about 30 metres from us aircraft.

In addition, on 13 April, the Russian fighters made two provocative of stairs next to the American destroyer Donald Cook, which is located in the Baltic sea.

The Pentagon called the incident “dangerous and unprofessional.” In Moscow said that the United States provoked Russian military, sending planes and ships to the borders of the Russian Federation.

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