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 Russian stars having

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In the Russian show business, many stars have acquired “general” husbands and wives, converging in tastes.

Edition "KP.RU" made a selection for Valentine's Day.

One of the indicative triangles in the Russian Federation was the unions of Polina Gagarina and Anastasia Makeeva with actor Peter Kislov. It is clarified that both celebrities once married the same man. Makeeva had four weddings and three divorces. The marriage with the actor was “trial”. They met in 2006 on the set of the series “Network”. Literally a few days later, Kislov invite his beloved to sign. Their scandalous marriage fell apart after seven months.

For Kislov, the breakup turned into an acquaintance with Polina Gagarina, when the singer was still studying at the Moscow Art Theater School, where he taught. Shortly after the start of the novel, Gagarina became pregnant. The couple broke up when their son Andrei was three years old. The reason was the fact that the singer could not fully devote herself to the family, abandoning the stage.

The publication called the second triangle the unions of Yevgeny Tsyganov and Igor Petrenko with Irina Leonova. It is specified that Leonova, before her marriage to Tsyganov and the birth of seven children, was in a relationship, being a student at the Shchepkin Theater School, with Igor Petrenko. Since student marriages were not welcomed, they had to sign only before graduation. The couple separated four years later because they could not have children. As a result, both of them acquired offspring in other marriages.

The third triangle was called the unions of Mikhail Efremov and Yaroslav Boyko with Evgenia Dobrovolskaya. Efremov was married to a theater colleague for seven years after a spontaneous marriage in 1990. They had a son, and the newly-made dad “went on a spree.” In 2001, Dobrovolskaya met her new love on the set of the series. The actor had a family, therefore, in order to take him away, the actress had to give birth to her son, Jan. When this did not help, Dobrovolskaya told the whole country about their romance. They were not destined to meet. As a result, last year Boyko left his wife, according to rumors, for actress Maria Poroshina.

The union of Sergei Bezrukov and Igor Livanov with Irina Bezrukova was called another triangle. Livanov met Bakhtura when he was a student at the Rostov Theater. She helped him get over the loss of his wife and eight-year-old daughter in a train accident. Irina bore him a son. However, things did not go as smoothly as they wanted. The actress longed for fame and at the same time had an affair with the star of the "Brigade" Sergei Bezrukov, who, in the end, insisted on a divorce. Thus a new alliance was born. For 15 years, the Bezrukov couple was considered one of the strongest and happiest star couples. In 2015, their son died, which was the reason for the divorce.

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