Russian politician: “Galkin's jokes are below the plinth”

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 Russian politician: "Galkin's jokes are below the plinth" < /p>

Russian politician Roman Khudyakov criticized the humorist Maxim Galkin and said that he should be recognized as “a lifelong undesirable person in Russia.”
< br /> According to Khudyakov, Galkin's jokes “offend the Russian people.”

“I think that Galkin should be recognized as a lifelong undesirable person in Russia. He himself will not return, although he promises. But he understands that it is better not to do this. The law must be the same for all! There was a precedent when the comedian Idrak Mirzalizade was thrown out of the country, not allowing him to earn money in Russia – for a “joke” about Russian people. And the "jokes" Galkin is below the plinth – and they insult the Russian people,” the StarHit publication quotes the politician.

Khudyakov noted that when Galkin cannot enter Russia, “his tours abroad and earnings will gradually come down to no".

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