Russian planes “provoked” NATO ships in the Baltic

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 Russian planes

The NATO alliance said on Friday that two Russian fighter jets made an “unsafe and unprofessional overflight” alliance ships during routine operations in the Baltic Sea, Voice of America writes

at a distance of 80 yards (73 meters)” after the Russian pilots failed to respond to messages from the NATO military.

“NATO considered the interaction unsafe and unprofessional because it was conducted in a dangerous area that was used for air defense exercises, and because of the height and the proximity of aircraft, — says in the statement. — The interaction increased the risk of miscalculations, mistakes and accidents.”

NATO forces “acted responsibly” in the statement. in accordance with existing regulations.

“NATO will respond appropriately to any interference with its legitimate activities in the area that endangers the safety of our aircraft, ships or their crews. NATO does not seek confrontation and does not pose a threat”, —

The incident comes amid heightened tensions between the Western military alliance and Russia over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

NATO's Baltic Sea group, including Dutch, Norwegian and Danish ships, is conducting operations to expand cooperation with Finland and Sweden, which are on their way to joining the alliance.

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