Russian MP attacked the Ukrainian because of his views: “Now I’ll slug you!”

Российский депутат набросился на украинца из-за его взглядов: «Сейчас получишь по морде!»

Russian MP attacked the Ukrainian threats because of his words about Russia’s weakness

The scandal erupted in the broadcast of Russian propaganda program “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia 1”. The participants of the conflict were odious Russian state Duma Deputy Oleg Nilov and Ukrainian social activist Vadym Triukhan.

During the program Nilov complained that the West allegedly waging an information war against Russia. In response, the Ukrainians noticed that Western countries are just trying to reason with Russians. According to Triukhan, Russia is noticeably inferior to these countries.

“They look at people like you, useful idiots, puppets, people, embedded in a matrix that serve a higher interest, look on such as you, and I think that they need to protect themselves from you. Trying to reason with you! They at times are orders of magnitude stronger than the current Russian government,” — said Ukrainian.

Российский депутат набросился на украинца из-за его взглядов: «Сейчас получишь по морде!»

His words brought a Russian Deputy from itself. Niles could not resist and attacked the Triukhan with threats of physical violence.

“Now get in the face! In the face I’ll punch you! Karabas-Barabas, this has come here!” — shouted the Deputy.

Earlier we wrote about that in one of the TV shows on the propaganda channel “Russia-1” began a verbal chaos and panic after the speech, Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon. Dmitry Gordon agreed to take part in the TV show “60 minutes” that airs on the Russian propaganda TV channel “Russia 1”.

Российский депутат набросился на украинца из-за его взглядов: «Сейчас получишь по морде!»

The promoters decided on its media platform to discuss the fifth anniversary of Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity. It is understandable, thing for them so unrealistic that infopovod to discuss just a powerful and topical.

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Gordon intelligent just cited a number of facts in the program that take place to be like it is in Russia or not. These are facts and they have taken place.

It is clear that such anti-Kremlin position in the air, “the mouthpiece of Putin” it was necessary immediately to scream, stomp and questioning, and most importantly criticism.

Recall, a Russian journalist made fun of Putin’s speech.

As he wrote Politeka, Poroshenko shamed Russian propagandist at the UN.

Also Politeka wrote that the advocates of Putin fell to the new enchanting lies.

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