Russian media: Pugacheva is very bad

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 Russian media: Pugacheva is really bad

Alla Pugacheva celebrated her anniversary with a big concert, but music critic Sergei Sosedov said that despite her outward cheerfulness, the singer has serious health problems.

According to him, Pugacheva is all time heals, it can hardly be recognized. «Would you pass by— wouldn't know it was her. She is humpbacked, her hump is huge, she walks like mincing and looks at the floor all the time. In general, this is a pitiful sight, & ndash; The StarHit portal reports the critic's words.

Sosedov also added that Pugacheva has voice problems: even 20 years ago. She never followed her voice. She's all worn out. What kind of life she led, everyone knows— and drank and smoked.

Her hair stylist George Rovals spoke about the poor condition of the singer. He believes that the artist urgently needs help in this regard.

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