Russian media: “It's not easy for Pugacheva in Israel”

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 Russian media: "Pugacheva is not easy in Israel"

– To be honest, I don't care whether she left or arrived, – says Olga. – We've never been friends. In my opinion, they never even talked closely.
Pugacheva periodically posts new photos on social networks and makes it clear that she is not worried about her departure. However, the performer of the hit “Music plays on the boat” believes that Alla is cunning.

– Of course, it is not easy for a person who has felt fame for so many years to be in a country where you are practically unnoticed, – says Zarubina. – But she chose this path herself and must go through it.

At one time, Zarubina also left for America from the USSR. The singer lived in the USA for 17 years.

– Our departures cannot be compared, – continues Olga. – I left without a penny of money for my soul: in fact, nowhere. I had no connections in America, no work, at least for the first time. The current artists are leaving the country with the huge money that they have earned here. And, of course, they will have enough money to exist there.

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