Russian-Israeli entrepreneur praised Galkin

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 Russian-Israeli entrepreneur praised Galkin

Russian-Israeli businessman Leonid Nevzlin gave an interview to the YouTube channel Odesa Film Studio, in which he praised humorist Maxim Galkin for his anti-war stance. Nevzlin also expressed the opinion that it is Galkin who can influence the Russians who are bogged down in propaganda.

“Urgant and Galkin cannot be broken. They are very meticulous. But Urgant is still much more accurate in his expressions, and I think his humor and irony are too subtle to be perceived as anti-war, anti-Putin. What Galkin does, gathering such audiences and doing his job as a satirist, humorist, laughing at this government and these people, is very effective. He's a big guy. I don’t know how they see it in Russia, but the halls are full everywhere, in any country, huge! – Nevzlin said.

He also noted that about 800 people would come to the comedian's concert in New Zealand. The businessman was surprised by such a large audience abroad.

“Great fellow Galkin! He knows how to do his job. I mean, it's real satire. This is not rudeness, not rudeness, not name-calling, not personal attacks, but this is satire. I believe it has an effect. But then again, I don't know how they watch it in Russia… How widely it diverges, how many people are now watching via VPN”, & ndash; summed up the businessman.

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