Russian Forces Discover Satanic Gay and Lesbian Organization in Mariupol

 Russian forces discovered a satanic organization of gays and lesbians in Mariupol

Channel One showed the “headquarters of gays and lesbians” in Mariupol, which, according to the journalist, was sponsored by the United States. In the video from the military correspondent – a banner with a pentagram and a calendar with drawings of LGBT people ostensibly to campaign for children.

Bloggers post on twitter and telegram channels excerpt from the political talk show “Time will tell” on Channel One.

On the frames – some ruins inside the premises, and the presenter says, they say, he can’t find censorship words about “the trash that was found at Azovstal.”

a blow to the most vulnerable social strata – children.” He started talking about a two-story house on Mitropolitska Street in the city, where they found an “organization connected with the Americans.”

orientation – gays, lesbians and everything else that can still be attributed here,” the “journalist” said.

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