Russian fighter jet fires missiles near British reconnaissance aircraft

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 RF fighter fired missiles near British spy plane

Almost a month ago, on September 29, a Russian fighter jet fired a missile near a British reconnaissance aircraft patrolling the Black Sea. This was announced by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. The head of the defense department expressed his concerns about this potentially dangerous situation to his Russian colleague. On September 29, an unarmed RAF Rivet Joint RC-135W was on a routine patrol over the Black Sea south of Crimea when it was followed by two Russian Su-27 fighters, he said. They followed the plane for 90 minutes before one of them opened fire. "Spying on planes— business as usual, and this day was no exception. However, during this interaction it turned out that one of the Su-27 aircraft fired a missile in the area of ​​the rivet joint out of sight. The total interaction time between the Russian aircraft and the Rivet Joint was approximately 90 minutes. The patrol has been completed and the plane has returned to base,” he said. According to Wallace, the rocket launch was a “technical malfunction” and is not considered intentional.

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