Russian fighter jet crashed during the flight: details of the accident

Российский истребитель рухнул во время полета: подробности катастрофы

Fighter-bomber was performing a training flight

The MiG-27 belonging to the Indian air force, crashed in the North-West of the country.

As reported a source in the defense Ministry, the aircraft was performing “routine mission.” The aircraft had one pilot who managed to eject. The circumstances and cause of the crash is found out by experts.

Российский истребитель рухнул во время полета: подробности катастрофы

Note that the MiG-27 – Soviet supersonic fighter. Designed to strike moving and fixed ground and air targets. Can carry tactical nuclear weapons. Currently, the main fighter-bomber of the Indian air force.

As previously reported, Egypt has also crashed Russian fighter jet MiG-29. He belonged to the Egyptian air force, was delivered to Russia in 2018 as part of the commercial contract

“We have operational information about the crash of the MiG-29M, the Egyptian air force. In the near future, our technicians will travel to Egypt to assist in the investigation of the incident,” said the United aircraft Corporation.

The Egyptian pilot managed to eject. The cause of the accident could be a technical malfunction or pilot error.

Also earlier it was reported that there were terrible details of the crash after taking off from the airport of Jakarta (Indonesia). Boeing 737 MAX 8 was flying JT61 from the capital Jakarta to the city to Pangkal Pinang on the island of Bangka-Belitung.

Rescuers found the crash site, “Boeing” in Indonesia. Ships and a helicopter found the wreckage in the sea off the coast of the island of Java.

Rescuers arrived at the crash site, reported about the huge spots of fuel and the numerous fragments of the plane in the water: parts of the fuselage, passenger seats, Luggage and passengers.

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Российский истребитель рухнул во время полета: подробности катастрофы

The Boeing 737 was sunk to a depth of 30-35 meters, now the seabed is explored by the divers, their task is to find the “black box”.

The control center of the flight announced that the plane after takeoff, gain altitude of 1524 meters, then several times he “dived” and again rose before starting to fall. What could be the cause of the accident is not yet known.

Representatives of Lion Air said that the crashed Boeing was new and serviceable. They also said that on Board were 181 passengers and four crew members.

Recall that a plane with dozens of passengers has dropped right at the airport.

As reported Politeka burning plane crashed near Moscow, the pilots managed to tell me what happened.

Also Politeka wrote that in the air grappled the fighter of Russia and the forces of NATO troops.

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