Russian Federation: General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who committed suicide suffered a nervous breakdown

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 RF: MIA general who committed suicide suffered a nervous breakdown

New details have become known about the death of Major General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Makarov, who until recently served as deputy head of the Main Directorate for Combating Extremism. According to information in the press of the Russian Federation, the day before he had a nervous breakdown.

As it became known to MK, Makarov began preparing for his dismissal a few months ago. He was given to understand that due to his age (67 years) and a number of other circumstances, he would no longer be able to hold the same post. In 2022, the major general did not appear in the service too often – spent vacations, solved current health problems. However, he radiated optimism and made it clear in every possible way that he was not going to live out a century in retirement. Makarov believed that he would find a new interesting job corresponding to his status.

However, apparently, the plans of a high-ranking official were not destined to come true. Two weeks ago he retired and all this time, as people who knew him say, did not find a place for himself. On Sunday, the general had a nervous breakdown – such that the wife was really afraid for the state of her husband. She hastily summoned her son and daughter to the dacha in the village of Golikovo to help calm her father. The conversation seemed to have played its healing role, and in the morning the children left. But less than two hours later, the wife found the major general unconscious. Doctors came to the conclusion that he took his own life.

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